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  • Recent work at CARLA 4 & 29
    Recent work at CARLA 4 & 29
    Last updated on June 1, 2021 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    The RRFT concluded a 2 day trip to both CARLA 4 (Greenfield) and CARLA 29 (San Luis Obispo) this
    last weekend to take care of a number of needed things. Between the two sites we replaced some
    fans, made firmware updates, installed some new batteries, worked on an intermittent PL issue,
    replaced a bad tx link cable, re-tuned a couple of duplexers and a myriad of other tasks. We took
    care of the path fade issue between CARLA 4 and 29 and also troubleshot the bursts of white noise
    heard on 29’s inbound link channel from the north. We were unable to mitigate the intermittent
    white noise issue but have a plan to work on it on a future trip. It appears to be an on-channel
    mix from the trunking channels on site. As it was, we spent over 11 hours driving and 16 hours of
    work between the two sites and there was no more time or energy left to do more. We’ll send any
    updates as they become available.