LVRA System

Las Vegas Repeater Connection

Carla is now connected to the Las Vegas Repeater Association.

In 2021, CARLA entered into a linking arrangement with a repeater group based in the greater Las Vegas area; Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA). They are a long time, established club that has been around for many years.

This arrangement provides the users of CARLA with a connection to a network of several repeaters in the greater Las Vegas area as well as providing the users of the Las Vegas repeaters a connection to the CARLA system throughout California and Western Nevada.

This will obviously expand coverage for both systems so please be cognizant of the fact that we are marrying two networks together which will take some getting used to. Be respectful of the fact that each time someone keys up, they are adding another several repeaters in Southern Nevada into the mix with our existing 30+ systems and visa versa. Please be respectful to everyone and both systems and the amount of resources that will be tied up with each key-up and duration of your conversations and feel free to remind others of the same.

To see a list of LVRA repeaters and learn more about their group, goto