System 24: Carson Valley
Details for System 24
System 24: Carson Valley

Link PL:156.7
Local PL:127.3
Site Name:McClellan Peak
City:Carson City, NV
Controller:SCOM 7330
System Config:Permanent Dual PL Link/Local System

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Dual PL & Courtesy Tones
This particular repeater in the C.A.R.L.A. System has a Dual PL. You can use the Link PL to hold a conversation with someone elsewhere on the network, or the Local PL to converse with someone who is on the same repeater as you are.

You can read more about the Dual PL system and the Courtesy Tones that are used on the system.

Coverage for System 24
Located above the East side of the Carson Valley, this machine fills in areas
where other machines somewhat marginal or less than solid coverage. It covers
from Reno to the Topaz Lake area along Hwy 395 as well as Fallon and other
towns along the Hwy 95/95A corridors.

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Technical Data for System 24
For the curious amongst us, here are further details about the equipment that makes up this C.A.R.L.A. System. For example, you can see what kind of transceiver we're using for a particular repeater, or what kind of link antenna, etc. If there are other repeaters or connections present, you can click on their name for further information.
In Service Degraded OOS

In ServiceSystem 24
Equipment:Motorola MSF5000 CLB
Transmit Power:40w
Antenna:Andrew DB-404 4-Bay Omni with 6 dB of gain
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In ServiceMain Link
Type:RF Link (connects to the Nevada Hub)
Equipment:Motorola CDM
Transmit Power:15w
Antenna:Antennex Y4063 Yagi with 7 dB of gain