System 33: Gualala
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About the System:

This system is located above the coastal town of Gualala (pronouced by
locals as "Wahlala"). Gualala is the southern most coastal town within
Mendocino County just north of the Sonoma County line. It helps to fill
some dead areas not covered by CARLA 3 or any other systems.

CARLA 33 is at the end of a segment of the network and connects to the
of the network via a link path to CARLA 3's site and then from there to
CARLA 26 then the Vaca Hub and then on to other sites & hubs. So, make
you leave enough key-up time before talking so you can be heard from one
ond of the network to another. The path between CARLA 3<->33 is not line
site so there may be varying anounts of path noise depending on time of
and year.


This repeater sits just a few miles west of the San Andreas Fault line
is located in a canyon to the east of the site. It will usually lose
commercial power several times during the winter storm season and has
450Ah of battery back-up power.

System 33: Gualala

Link PL:141.3
Local PL:131.8
Site Name:Gualala
City:Gualala, CA
Controller:SCOM 7330
System Config:Permanent Dual PL Link/Local System

System Equipment Photo
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Dual PL & Courtesy Tones
This particular repeater in the C.A.R.L.A. System has a Dual PL. You can use the Link PL to hold a conversation with someone elsewhere on the network, or the Local PL to converse with someone who is on the same repeater as you are.

You can read more about the Dual PL system and the Courtesy Tones that are used on the system.

Coverage for System 33
This system covers parts of the "Mendonoma" coast area from South of Pt.
Arena through Anchor Bay, Gualala, The Sea Ranch and Stewarts Point and
just north of Salt Point State Park along Coast Highway 1. There is also
limited coverage in the towns of Annapolis, Cazadero and other spots
the ridgeline overlooking the coast.

Disclaimer: Coverage maps are provided for informational purposes only.
C.A.R.L.A. would like to acknowledge and thank Radio Mobile for the use of their program.

Technical Data for System 33
For the curious amongst us, here are further details about the equipment that makes up this C.A.R.L.A. System. For example, you can see what kind of transceiver we're using for a particular repeater, or what kind of link antenna, etc. If there are other repeaters or connections present, you can click on their name for further information.
In Service Degraded OOS

In ServiceSystem 33
Equipment:Motorola XPR-8400
Transmit Power:30w
Antenna:Superstation Master with 10 dB of gain
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In ServiceMain Link
Type:RF Link (connects to the Gualala Extension)
Equipment:Motorola CDM
Transmit Power:25w
Antenna:Yagi with 10 dB of gain