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  • New CARLA & LVRA linking arrangement
    New CARLA & LVRA linking arrangement
    Last updated on January 6, 2021 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    We’re pleased to announce a trial test run of a linking arrangement with a repeater system
    based in the greater Las Vegas area; Las Vegas Repeater Association (LVRA). They are a long
    time, established club that has been around for many years. https://www.hxo.radio/

    We plan to do this via an Allstar connection (which we currently use on a handful of CARLA
    repeaters internally, along with the RF links as back-ups).

    We have spent the last couple of months talking to each other on the phone, listening to each
    other’s networks and meeting via Zoom to make sure we are compatible with each other’s
    operation and were able to put a face to the names. Both groups feel confident and comfortable
    with the other and moving forward with a trial run.

    This will obviously expand coverage for both systems so please be cognizant of the fact that we
    are marrying two networks together which will take some getting used to. Be respectful of the
    fact that each time someone keys up, they are adding another handful of repeaters in Southern
    NV into the mix with our existing 30+ systems and visa versa. Please use good operating
    practices in general and don’t quick key, tailgate, rag-chew, tie up things for prolonged
    periods and leave plenty of breaks in-between as well as letting things cool down often. We
    realize there will be an up-tick in traffic with all the new callsigns and locations being
    heard out there and it will increase interest in more conversations which is great. Just be
    respectful to everyone and both systems and the amount of resources that will be tied up with
    each key-up and duration of your conversations and feel free to remind others of the same.

    LVRA has a couple of nets each week on their system but will disconnect prior to them as we
    don’t normally conduct nets on CARLA.

    Both group’s leadership teams have done a fair amount of due diligence in getting to know each
    other and making sure we are compatible with one another. We all agree this feels like a good
    fit and will be a good endeavor to pursue. Things should go into effect within a couple of

    Please extend your warmest welcome to any new contacts from the Las Vegas area that you may