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  • Nevada Hub Link Restored
    Nevada Hub Link Restored
    Last updated on October 25, 2021 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    Communications with CARLA 18 (NV Hub) and the rest of the NW NV region has been restored as of
    Saturday morning 10/30/21. The link at System 8 has also been fixed after the link radio was power cycled.

    **Original post**:

    We seem to have lost communications with CARA 18 (NV Hub) and the rest of the NW NV region.
    CARLA 8 & 22 were both on battery power as of late Sunday night but now we've lost connectivity
    to CARLA 8 and can't re-route the RF back-up path to18 via 8's site. We suspect the battery charger
    may have died at some point previously and not kept the batteries fully charged or we may have lost
    a link radio or link antenna at 8’s site. There's also been a few feet of snow that has fallen and
    is still out in the area.

    Several other sites went on and off of battery back-up as well as generator power during the 2 day
    barrage of constant rain and high winds.

    -The CARLA Team