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  • CARLA 25 back on the air
    CARLA 25 back on the air
    Last updated on September 9, 2012 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    After severe damage/destruction to all antennas from previous winters was noted, CARLA 25 was shut down during the summer and new antennas, coax, hardware, etc... were installed and the site is back up on the air.

    It took a 5 man crew to complete the first phase of work which included removing all old antennas (what was left of them), their coax runs, hardware, etc... and then install brand new antennas on a different tower along with all new heavy duty mounting hardware and new 7/8" Heliax coax runs.

    The second phase of this project will consist of finishing the painting of all coax runs & hardware (per NPS specs) and some link antenna alignments at both CARLA 25 & 13's sites. The link to CARLA 25 will also be "Re-homed" to the Shasta Hub where it will be part of the Shasta Ring of repeaters (13,20,25,28). It will also act as a back-up RF relay site connecting the Shasta Hub to the Vaca Hub in case we of a wireline failure to CARLA 13's Hub and give us the capability to swing it to either Hub for special applications.

    It took a lot of planning, thousands of dollars in new equipment, a 5 man crew and a very long morning, day & evening on site in addition to at least an 8 hour roundtrip of driving for most people to get the system back up and operational in its current state.

    Coverage is back up to par (with reduced power due to the PAVE PAWS/BAFB restrictions) and currently linked into the Vaca Hub until phase two of the project is completed.

    A special "Thanks" goes out to all the individuals that helped make this happen!