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    Last updated on March 17, 2015 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink


    Power was restored a short time ago at CARLA 18. Apparently, it had been out since 4am or earlier
    this morning and the power company found a blown fuse on one of the legs as suspected.
    All linked systems on the Nevada Hub have checked in okay.

    Looks like we will need to do an overhaul of the back-up battery plant at the site including new
    batteries, LVD & a high capacity charger. This is one of those critical infrastructure sites in the
    CARLA network.

    This will cost us in the neighborhood of $1,000+ and that is on top of several other sites that are
    currently in the same boat. This is nothing new for us and these types of expenditures and capitol
    outlay happen on a monthly basis, mostly in the background, without most people even being aware.

    Our last outreach for support netted something around <$100! Yes, that was $100, not $1,000 or
    $10,000. That's pretty dismal in anyone's book. There has been a handful of people that have carried
    >95% of the operating costs and capitol expenditures for CARLA each and every year but that can not
    be sustained at this rate if we are to remain one of the premiere, Go-To Emcomm Systems supporting
    Nor Cal & Western Nevada with reliable communications.

    WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT in order to continue to maintain, repair, build-out, replace and keep
    this network running. The size vs contribution ratio gap for such a large network keeps increasing
    and we will simply be forced to stop supporting all of it on our own unless something drastically

    We realize NO ONE is required to pay any dues, membership fees, donate their time, equipment,
    expertise and/or other resources but a few still do, year after year. Unfortunately, it's just not
    enough to sustain a non-membership supported type of network such as the size of CARLA. This is the
    cold, hard reality of it all.

    So, if you want to continue to enjoy CARLA and appreciate what it offers to so many communities
    around us, please consider ways to support it and get the word out.


    The CARLA Team