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  • 2015 Tour de Nevada (the sequel)
    2015 Tour de Nevada (the sequel)
    Last updated on May 21, 2015 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    UPDATE to the info below:

    Another long, 3 day weekend was spent hitting most of the same sites including the ones we were
    unable to make it to last time. ALL the remaining work and projects were completed and are ready
    go. Sites that have had various projects, upgrades and maintenance performed on them were: 8,
    21, 22, 23 & 24. A special THANKS to everyone who participated!

    Around the first of this month a contingency of 5 people from various RRFT's, broken out in two
    groups and spent anywhere from 1 to 4 days touring as many sites on the Nevada ring as possible.
    Here is a brief rundown:

    CARLA 14, Cisco Butte: Was on battery back-up for the week prior to the visit due to a power
    incident. The power supply and battery charger were both non-responsive and the link radio was
    starting to become intermittent due to the low voltage condition. Temp repairs were made on the
    and a new 30A smart charger was installed. A return trip is needed to effect permanent repairs
    transfer everything into a new cabinet.

    CARLA 8, Lake Tahoe: A trip was attempted... We made it about 80% of the way up until the
    stuff on the ground was too deep to circumvent. A return trip is needed to install an LVD,
    the battery plant, replace batteries and do a PM.

    CARLA 18, Topaz Lake: An all day trip was made to do a number of things including replacing
    entire battery back-up plant with nearly 600Ah of back up power, installed an LVD, integrated
    original 4W E&M voice channel back to CARLA 5, cut it over from the RF back-up link, performed a
    and other duties.

    CARLA 21, Reno: A trip was made to this site to check on battery condition and perform a

    CARLA 23, Tahoe/Reno: A trip was attempted to this site but the snow was too deep and slippery
    the initial steep incline. We will need to return to the site to overhaul the battery back-up
    install an LVD, swap out a PA for the main repeater TX and perform a PM.

    CARLA 22, Hawthorne: An all day trip was made to this site to replace batteries, install an
    and remove the secondary link package. The battery charger was blown upon arrival so a new one
    been ordered and a return trip will be scheduled soon to replace it and remove a spare link

    4 out of the 6 sites will require yet another trip. A big thank goes out to the various people
    helped on this endeavor. It was non-stop and rather exhausting.

    There is plenty more to come this year. Stay tuned.

    The CARLA Team