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  • Recent changes/upgrades and reminder about fire season
    Recent changes/upgrades and reminder about fire season
    Last updated on August 6, 2015 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    This last week/end we made it to CARLA 9's site (Modesto) for some long, overdue work. This was
    next to the last site that needed a new repeater controller replacement to match the majority of
    others in the network plus a new battery plant upgrade and replacement. CARLA 33 (Gualala) is
    the last controller in need of a swap out. A new LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) & DC circuit
    were also installed to protect the batteries that were put in service. Other PM work was
    and needed firmware upgrades and adjustments were made.

    CARLA 2 (San Francisco) was also visited for a routine PM and a new LVD was installed for the
    battery plant. Some adjustments and programming changes were made in order to use CARLA 2 and
    32 linked together, off the network for local area use/needs since they compliment each other's
    coverage of the greater San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin coastal areas so well.

    Some of you may have noticed new announcements from a few repeaters as they ID over the network
    recently. We are testing this on some key sites to see how it plays out. The response so far has
    been very positive and it seems to help people recognize from what area/region a particular
    was initiated from. For those few individuals who have built and maintain the CARLA network, it
    natural for us to know what number corresponds to what site but for the majority of users, they
    no idea what number is coming from what area and this seems to help them figure that out as well
    make it a bit more interesting to listen to. We will likely add some more into the mix as we are
    able and the controller's vocabulary allow.

    Lastly, you would have to be living under a rock and/or entirely off the grid to not know we are
    the middle of fire season in the western part of the country right now. This is just a friendly
    reminder to everyone to be aware that different departments, organizations, groups, individuals,
    etc... rely on CARLA for auxiliary communications during times of need and are often monitoring
    system in the background at various locations, incidents command sites and EOC's for possible
    traffic and relay's. Please keep this in mind when you engage in a conversation and don't drag
    things on for long periods of time, tailgate people, quick key or tie up the network needlessly.
    is here for people to enjoy as well as have available for those critical times that people need
    which is CARLA's first and foremost mission.

    Stay tuned for more news, information and updates this summer/fall.