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  • Recent changes, upgrades and network status
    Recent changes, upgrades and network status
    Last updated on October 2, 2009 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    The website has undergone some improvements lately. Some changes are noticeable and some are for administrative use behind the scenes. Some noteworthy enhancements include:

    -Updated the "At a glance" status section on the home page that shows the system(s) status but now also shows the hub & link status. This way you can see if there is a problem with the system or just the link and/or the hub that it is fed from.

    -There are new colored "LED's" that show the additional states.

    -On the interactive map there are new colors representing different types of link & back-up link paths plus their status.

    -The printable pdf fold out version of the CARLA systems & PL list have been updated. It is designed to be laminated and used in a mobile and portable settings for quick reference. You can dowload it via the system page, or by clicking here (opens in a new window).

    We are also developing a new real time status for the IRLP node that will reside on the website for quick status updates like the systems.

    We would like to thank Peter, KG6SLY for all his hard work, time and dedication on developing new databases, functionality and enhancements to the CARLA website.


    We're testing a new Link PL courtesy tone on a few systems including CARLA 5 & 13. This is in an attempt to make it easier for people to identify and differentiate between the Local & Link tones while not making it too annoying or overbearing. It sounds like two quick DTMF type tones. The Local PL and inbound link courtesy tones will remain the same. We'll see if more people are able to pay attention to the tones and get on the "same page" with each other. Let us know what you think. As we replace repeater controllers in the network we will have more flexibility with what we can do with them.


    We also replaced the new IP capable repeater controllers at CARLA 5 and 13's site. The connection between the two sites has been re-established and we are testing them with the new firmware and memory repairs. This has been a very long, up hill and painful ordeal dealing with all the problems these units had. We are hopeful that we'll see better performance from these as time passes.


    We have been working on a new back-up RF link for connecting the systems on the Shasta hub and the Oregon Connection in case we lose our dedicated wireline link to them. We have another trip to make to CARLA 6 as well as CARLA 13 & 20 to make the final changes before the snows hit. All three of these sites required major changes to make all this happen. We recently made similar updates and changes to CARLA 8 & 18 to do the same for the Nevada hub.

    Stay tuned for more