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  • PL change to CARLA 16 and upgrade to VACA HUB
    PL change to CARLA 16 and upgrade to VACA HUB
    Last updated on January 10, 2016 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    We decided to make a PL change to CARLA 16 (440.750, Vacaville) today. This is usually done as
    a last resort due to all of the changes that have to be made on everyone's part. The receiver
    has been plagued by a mix that includes a 100Hz component. That in turn has been triggering the
    Local PL as well as breaking squelch with bursts of noise.

    The new LOCAL PL is now 107.2Hz and that is also what the repeater now encodes on its output.

    We will monitor for the next week or so to make sure this new PL will work. If anyone notices
    problems with it falsing please let us know. If no issues come up, we will run with it.
    Unfortunately, the interference is still on the input intermittently so weak signals may suffer
    because of it.

    The website and other information mediums will be updated soon.

    Work was also performed at the VACA Hub system. Changes include swapping out of the primary
    power supply in an effort to eliminate the intermittent buzz that could be heard across the
    link. The Battery plant was also upgraded with more capacity for longer run time during power

    THE CARLA Team