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  • Welcome back the Oregon Connection
    Welcome back the Oregon Connection
    Last updated on February 25, 2016 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    The Oregon Connection (Gen 2.0)

    Some of you may remember the Oregon Connection or OC for short from several years ago. We
    established a reciprocal link between the OC & CARLA with a connection point in the Mt. Shasta
    area that linked the two networks together via an RF link.

    Several years ago the OC was superseded by a new and different network called the Peak Radio
    Association or PRA for short. Interest in the OC diminished while the PRA was developed and
    built out, finally dwindling to just a few unlinked sites left on the air.

    One of the owners of the OC and CARLA revisited the possibility of starting a new link with each
    other that would connect a few select repeaters in Oregon with the CARLA network. That soon
    turned into a renewed interest on the part of some of the remaining owners of the Oregon
    Connection in rebuilding the OC to what is now called the Oregon Connection Gen 2.0 or OCG2 for

    We’ve approached this new endeavor a little differently by establishing a dedicated RoIP (Radio
    over IP) point to point link between the two groups. That should greatly reduce the amount of
    key-up delay that each daisy-chained repeater required to connect from one end of the OC network
    to the other created and then back down into and throughout the CARLA network. It also does not
    rely on a reflector or 3rd party server for the connection. The OCG2 is also rebuilding with
    newer Kenwood repeaters and implementing 100% DCS instead of CTCSS (PL) on all sites for a more
    pleasant experience, free of the numerous squelch tails that used to be heard. The total number
    of sites will be streamlined and much less than what was in the legacy network.

    Since the OCG2 is essentially being built as a new UHF network from the ground up, it is
    expected to be quieter and will adopt most of CARLA’s operating policies, procedures and
    guidelines for a smooth integration of the two systems.

    We are initially expecting to leave the two systems connected full time unless either side sees
    a need to disconnect temporarily for whatever reason and expect most of the traffic will be
    generated from CARLA. We do ask everyone to please adhere to all CARLA operating guidelines to
    keep everyone’s experience an enjoyable one. Keeping conversations short and allowing time for
    courtesy tones to be heard so others can access the system if needed is greatly appreciated.
    CARLA remains dedicated to providing a reliable back-up source of emergency communications to
    select organizations and groups throughout the region.

    The initial rollout of the first four repeaters is already in effect with a total of ~10 slated
    for the first phase. Coverage will include most all of the Interstate 5 corridor from the
    Longview Washington area to the Oregon-California border. CARLA is still actively pursuing
    establishing coverage beyond the Shasta/McCloud area up to the Yreka area this year as well
    which should dovetail nicely with the OCG2’s coverage.

    Speaking of coverage, their IT team has cracked the ‘code’ so to speak and completely re-did
    their coverage map to work with Google maps. This has been a daunting task and (re)started by a
    couple of people from our side but the OCG2 guys were able to devote a very significant amount
    of time on it until they were able to get it working for their PRA website and then soon for the
    OCG2 site. They are willing to share what they’ve learned with us so we can get our interactive
    coverage map working again after all these years of being broken.

    You can find some more information and track progress for the OCG2 project on their website at:
    http://www.oregonconnection.net/ This too is a work in progress.

    Here is a list of the major players/principals involved with the OCG2 in case you hear them and
    are curious who these new voices are in addition to wanting to say hello. Of course, there will
    be other new voices and call signs that you may hear as well.

    -Chris, AB7BS, co-owner/founder
    -William, K7THO co-owner/Tower climber/IT
    -Johnny, WA6RHK co-owner
    -Carl, W7EXH co-owner
    -Jeremy, NS7R Tower climber/IT

    Please be patient with us during the testing and vetting process as new repeaters are brought on
    line and other adjustments are made to the link and interoperability of both networks. Please
    try and give our neighbors from up north a warm welcome if you hear them on the air.

    Thank you!