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  • CARLA 9 OOS and another friend of CARLA SK
    CARLA 9 OOS and another friend of CARLA SK
    Last updated on July 11, 2016 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    We seem to have lost the main repeater at CARLA 9's site (Modesto) after a few weeks of
    intermittent operation and suspect a DC power connection problem. A tentative dispatch to the
    site is being scheduled for this coming weekend 7/16/16.

    Update 7/18/16- A site visit on 7/16/16 to fix the intermittent issue found no obvious
    solution to the issue. Some clean-up and reseating of connectors, etc. was performed in the
    hope of resolving the issue. The transmitter is back in operation but intermittently goes
    offline for a period of time. Troubleshooting is ongoing.

    Speaking of CARLA 9, it came to our attention a few days ago that back in November of 2015 we
    lost a very good friend and supporter of CARLA. This was the first we heard of it and we were
    truly shocked and saddened by the news. Darren Nunes, K6RDJ actually invited us into the
    original CARLA 9 site on Mt. Oso near Modesto, CA. many years ago. He helped us with the
    installation and integration of that system along with CARLA 17's system when we installed it
    above Sonora, CA. We also helped him on many occasion with his systems up there as well. He
    helped us out with a lot of other things including plenty of testing and trips to the site for
    us to troubleshoot something. He was always great company to be around.

    We owe Darren a debt of gratitude and will miss his generosity and pleasant, funny and great
    personality. Darren had a broadcast quality voice and we were going to have him record some
    stuff for us on the controllers to fill in some of the holes in their vocabulary. Too bad we
    missed that opportunity. His QRZ page displays a picture of the CARLA 17 installation crew at
    the time (a few years back) He was the one on the far right. That picture is also on the CARLA
    photo gallery with another one of him on the tower. Darren lived in Turlock CA. and had been
    married only a week and was in his early 40's when he became a SK.
    Rest in Peace RDJ, we'll miss you man!

    The CARLA Team