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  • CARLA 22 OOS
    CARLA 22 OOS
    Last updated on August 7, 2016 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    It has come to our attention in the past few weeks that we will have to vacate the building
    in for CARLA 22 on Corey Peak, above Hawthorne NV. From our understanding, the building is
    sold and everyone has to vacate. We are planning to pull the equipment this Sunday and may put
    in storage locally so we don’t have to haul it all the way back to the Bay Area.

    There have been some attempts to secure another location on the mountain top on our behalf but
    nothing has come to fruition as of yet and we’re forced to take it off the air this coming

    We know there will be a large hole in coverage without system 22 in place and some
    groups/agencies that rely on it for back-up emcomm use will not have it at their disposal.

    If we get any further information we’ll try to pass it on. If anyone has some leads on a new
    building we could put it in please do the same.

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.