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  • CARLA 22 back on-line & CARLA 18 repaired
    CARLA 22 back on-line & CARLA 18 repaired
    Last updated on August 9, 2016 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    We are very pleased to announce that CARLA 22, Hawthorne NV, has been successfully re-
    integrated into the network from a new location on the same 10k+' mountain top.

    The Site Development Team spent two days deconstructing, moving and re-installing/integrating
    the equipment and antennas in its new home. The new location is about 40-50' lower and set back
    to the East than the previous one so we're not sure exactly how coverage will change but at
    least we can continue to offer substantially similar service for the region.

    We had one year of a five year agreement still left to stay where we were until we were
    recently told the building was being sold and we had to vacate. This created a last minute
    scramble on our part to pull this off.

    A BIG thanks goes out to those individuals who made the sacrifice to go and tackle this project
    and procure a new site for the greater good of the network and those that rely on it. It was
    truly a TEAM effort both from individuals in/near town and those that made the 600 mile/12 hour
    round trip to the site and endured all the challenges including (but not limited to)
    significant road hazards, blown tires, intense UV rays and long days with low oxygen levels!

    A third day was spent at CARLA 18's site to repair issues with low power output and should be
    back to normal operation.

    The CARLA Team