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  • Frank Miller, WA6BTH(SK)
    Frank Miller, WA6BTH(SK)
    Last updated on January 27, 2018 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of another friend and early supporter of
    CARLA. Frank Miller, WA6BTH(SK) passed away in his sleep just recently. Frank was one of the
    original founders and driving forces behind the Gorilla Radio System in the San Francisco Bay
    Area from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Due to the generosity and kindness of Frank and a few other
    supporters, CARLA is proud to have several of those systems/frequencies in our network.

    Periodically, you may hear an “Ahhhhhhh” on the system. That was a common greeting over the air
    from the original GRS crew and others that still perpetuates today. If Frank could find an old
    Micor compa-station, a few cans, dented piece of coax and a rebuilt antenna, he’d have himself
    a repeater on the air! He was famous for having a lot of energy and some Gorilla looking
    installations over the years but that never stopped him from having fun with radio, cars and
    other hobbies. Before he retired to Somerset CA, he had been the Chief Comm Technician at San
    Mateo County communications division.

    Here’s a BIG AHHHHHH to you ChiefTech, you will be missed Frank.