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  • ARES-Red Cross utilizes CARLA for regional exercise
    ARES-Red Cross utilizes CARLA for regional exercise
    Last updated on September 1, 2020 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    Local/Nationwide Red Cross Drill: Initial Reports
    Indicate Success

    The widely promoted Local/Regional/National ARES-
    Red Cross Exercise was conducted on May 30,
    with initial reports now coming in that are
    indicating widespread participation and interest.
    Locally-organized ARES exercises in 28 states
    across the country simulated emergency conditions
    and commercial power interruptions while working
    with their local Red Cross chapters to handle
    simulated shelter message traffic. The messages
    were entered into the Winlink (or Fldigi)
    system in the ARC-213 message format. CDC COVID-19
    protocols were observed. Designated regional
    or state message hubs across the country received
    the messages from the local nets and passed
    them to a simulated Red Cross national authority,
    via the Winlink email system.

    Members of the ARRL Sacramento Valley and San
    Joaquin Valley Sections participated with the
    California Gold Country Region Red Cross and 32
    operators from throughout northern California
    were involved. The operators sent 35 voice messages
    using the California Amateur Radio Linking
    Association (CARLA) network, and 66 digital
    messages using both HF and VHF gateways, to a
    simulated Red Cross Operations Center. With current
    pandemic events in mind, the operators were
    emailed the messages to be sent to the operations

    Amateur Radio Liaison Jim Piper, N6MED, of the
    American Red Cross thanked all operators that
    assisted. Piper stated that many important lessons
    were learned, and that the Red Cross will be
    putting some changes into effect immediately. --
    Michael Joseph, KK6ZGB, Sacramento Valley
    Section ARRL Public Information Officer