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  • System 35, 146.850(-) repeater, added to CARLA
    System 35, 146.850(-) repeater, added to CARLA
    Last updated on March 13, 2011 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    As some of you are aware we've recently made a change to the CARLA network by adding a VHF repeater to the Oakland Hills site.

    The repeater is on 146.850(-) with a LOCAL PL of 114.8. The LINK PL will be 173.8Hz if you want to program your radios ahead of time.

    If you are new to CARLA please take some time to read our usage guidelines on the website. The network can be a bit confusing and intimidating to first time users. The more you know how it works, the less problems you and others will have communicating on it.

    Over the next few weeks & months we will make some improvements to the performance of the machine, add battery back-up power and integrate the dual PL scheme (LINK/LOCAL) like the rest of the systems in our network have.

    Having this VHF repeater as part of CARLA will be a valuable asset to our ability to continue to offer a wide area emergency communications network of repeaters covering Northern California & parts of Nevada. It will also help to fill in some of the reduced coverage we have due to CARLA 5's changes for Pave Paws.

    In the meantime, we will not make any official announcements or listing regarding the system until all the other pieces are in place and it's ready for "prime time".

    We would like to especially thank Roger, WA6AFT to allow us opportunity to integrate this repeater into the CARLA network and his generosity. This move also helps to keep the system on the air and avoid permanently losing its previous home.