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  • CARLA 36
    CARLA 36
    Last updated on May 10, 2011 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | This article is Archived | Permalink

    We are pleased to announce the latest addition to CARLA.

    System 36 located on the Snow Mt. Range above Stonyford/Willows, CA.

    Frequency & PL information:
    Local PL: 123.0Hz
    Link PL: 173.8Hz

    CARLA 36 is located at the exact same site as CARLA 6. That is why we skipped a few numbers to make it easier to remember... 6 & 36.
    It fills in where CARLA 6's coverage has fallen way short due to PAVE PAWS at Beale AFB. It too is on solar power & batteries and has an automatic shutdown feature to save battery power when there is inbound link traffic for more than 5 minutes but no locally generated activity.

    However, since we are co-channeled with other VHF systems, we went to great pains to customize the pattern. It is only transmitting 5 watts into a directional antenna that favors the NW and creates a Null to the SW into the Sonora area. The receive is exceptionally sensitive compared to the transmitter which helps to hear low powered radios such as hand-helds. There will be some areas that you would normally expect it to work better from its location but again, this is due to the directional pattern and low power output.

    This has been in the testing stages for 6 months and is the first of several VHF repeaters we are in the process of testing and implementing.