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  • CARLA 23 Back on link
    CARLA 23 Back on link
    Last updated on March 14, 2017 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    Today a couple of our Tahoe RRFT members made the trek to the top of Slide Mt. (nearly 10,000' ASL) to CARLA
    23's site via chair lift and hiking in ice and snow to assess and repair the link antenna situation. It
    turns out a guy wire from an adjacent tower broke loose during one of the bad storms this winter and wrapped
    it self around the link Yagi antenna. Then, it worked itself back and forth over time until it cut through
    the main boom and shorted the internal center feed. A temporary antenna has been put in its place until we
    can get up there with a new replacement sometime later this summer when all the snow melts. A BIG thanks
    goes out to the Rapid response Field Team for making this happen!