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  • CARLA 13 & Shasta Hub repairs
    CARLA 13 & Shasta Hub repairs
    Last updated on March 30, 2019 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    CARLA 13 (Shasta Lake), the Shasta Hub and other links are back in service after repairs were
    made to all damaged coax from recent vandalism at the site. This not only brings CARLA 13 back
    on-line but also re-connects CARLA 28, 20 & 13 with each other and the rest of the network.

    CARLA 25 is still off-line from the 2018 Carr fire and is slated for re-building this coming
    summer. A BIG Thank You the the greater Shasta area RRFT (Rapid Response Field Team) that
    converged at the site to make all this happen Saturday as well as previous trips to assess
    damage and make temporary repairs. We were also able to repair two other customer's coax on site
    while there. It was a very long day (and night) but the nice weather helped offset that.

    All the extensive damage, mounting costs, many man-hours and extended down time incurred by
    every one at the site was caused by one or more people trying to steal copper for mere pennies
    on the dollar without any regard to their actions. We've had some creative suggestions for
    dealing with any future offenders and appreciate all of them. Unfortunately, most of them would
    probably incur liability on our or the landlord's part but were certainly worth briefly