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  • Recent repairs & re-integration of sites
    Recent repairs & re-integration of sites
    Last updated on November 26, 2019 by The C.A.R.L.A. Team | Permalink

    CARLA 25, 4 & 14 have all seen repairs and re-integration recently and more...

    CARLA 25, Redding was re-integrated into the network over the last few weeks during several
    extended site visits. We were able to get it re-built and installed with all new & different
    equipment since everything was ruined during the CARR fire in 2018. We are probably 80%
    finished but simply ran out of time and resources to finish it all off. A third trip will be
    needed next year when the snow and roads are clear. However, it is ON THE AIR (Link PL only)
    with new batteries and a new generator at the site to boot. It is also serving as the relay
    site to connect the Shasta Hub back into the network. We will maintain the Allstar link located
    at the CARLA 20 site and be able to switch between either source as needs dictate. A BIG THANKS
    goes out to several RRFTs that included individuals from the Redding area, Bay Area, Central
    Valley and SoCal. It has been burning in (NO pun intended) for the last few weeks and seems to
    be stable. This is also the site that MDARC contributed funds towards the cost of replacing one
    of the new repeaters at the site. Thank You again MDARC!

    CARLA 4, Greenfield and CARLA 14, Cisco Grove had a myriad of power supplies, surge protectors,
    battery chargers and power conditioners installed this last Sunday by two different RRFTs.
    CARLA 14 had finally gone off the air after close to a week or so from depleted batteries and
    CARLA 4 was running on battery power with a battery charger only for the past few weeks.

    CARLA 22, Hawthorne, NV. is still running on battery power only with a charger. There was a
    snafu with the new power supply order that has delayed delivery. It has already snowed and more
    is expected so it will need to wait for a snowcat ride up at some point and hopefully be stable
    until then. Batteries were installed this year (as was a brand new power supply last year!) All
    three sites were victims of power grid issues that damaged our equipment and happens fairly
    reguarly, unfortunately.

    NOTE: Each one of these sites has cost us a LOT of money just in replacement equipment, let
    alone all the other ancillary costs involved. That doesn't even take into consideration all the
    time volunteered and personal expenses incurred by the individuals themselves. No one is paid
    for their time, there is no grant or foundation money and no one has put CARLA in their will
    (that we know of anyway). 90 percent of all expenditures come directly out of pocket by just a
    few individuals and the rest is from intermittent donations. Every year the cost of keeping
    CARLA alive and maintained gets higher and higher and we don't get to raise prices in
    conjunction with cost of living increases. As most of you know, we don't charge ANYTHING to use
    or rely on the system. So, on that note, we ALWAYS appreciate any donations and support that
    you or anyone else you know of is willing to make. Thank You!

    -The CARLA Team