A Brief Overview of the CARLA Digital System
Welcome to the K6LNK / CARLA DMR Repeater Network.

The main goal and purpose of K6LNK / CARLA analog and DMR repeaters is to provide reliable communications resource during significant local, regional and wide area incidents. This K6LNK / CARLA DMR repeater is connected to BrandMeister Master Server 3103. The Talk Groups and Clusters that are currently static on Time Slots 1 & 2 have been placed there to best meet the goals of CARLA. These static Talk Groups may change at times to meet our goals. We realize and understand that DMR in the BrandMeister environment affords the end user (YOU) many opportunities to add whatever Talk Group to whichever Time Slot that you desire. In the best interest of meeting CARLA goals and being able to serve agencies and organizations communication needs during times of significant area incidents we would ask that you operate within the current static Talk Group matrix on the K6LNK repeaters. In many if not most of the locations where K6LNK / CARLA DMR repeaters are located other DMR repeaters exist to meet your dynamic Talk Group needs.

This means that we would strongly prefer that you NOT add ANY dynamic Talk Groups to either Time Slot. We are particularly NOT interested in having the following Talk Groups dynamically activated by YOU at any time 91, 93, 3100, TAC-3XX, any off US shore T/G, and any special interest T/G.

We strongly believe that all DMR repeaters are not personal hot spots and should not be treated as such. The Talk Groups and Clusters that are currently static on Time Slots 1 & 2 have been placed there to best meet the goals of CARLA.

Thank you for your help and support in assisting CARLA to meet our goals and in our endeavor to support local, regional and wide area agency communications needs in times of significant incidents. Questions, comments, and concerns may be addressed to N6JOA.

Current DMR System List
The BrandMeister Repeater Sysop Portal provides repeater owners the ability to have custom “non-standard” Talk Groups. It is recommended users look to the individual Repeater pages, within the BrandMeister User Dashboard Portal to get up to date information, including Talk Group configurations, about a specific repeater.

To view detailed information on a particular CARLA DMR repeater, click on the system name.

System ID Callsign Frequency Locale Color Code System Information
  110656 K6LNK 927.1750 Orinda 900
Motorola XPR8380
  310604 K6LNK 443.5000 Orinda UHF
Motorola XPR8300
  310605 K6LNK 440.2125 Walnut Creek UHF
Motorola XPR8300
  310676 K6LNK 442.0750 Gualala UHF
Motorola XPR8400
  310703 K6LNK 927.1750 Mt. Vaca 900
Motorola XPR8380
  310785 K6LNK 144.9500 Mt. Vaca VHF
Motorola SLR5500